10K is A-okay

Today I ran my first 10K. That's 6.2 miles for the non-metric. I have to admit I felt ill-prepared. I had not run beyond 3 miles in a long time. My knee has been giving me trouble. But this race was only $10, and I already posted that I would do it. And if I was serious about the 15K I was signed up to do in the fall, I better not puss out.

So, I wrapped my knee, got it together, and joined the other 12 people (yes I said 12) at the start line. The race was two laps of a 5K course, and I rocked the first loop. And by rocked, I mean I ran a minute faster than I usually do. But by the time the second 5K came around, my knee began to ache. At least it had some protection from popping, but it was in the back of my mind. My pace slowed to a minute or two slower than usual. I was frustrated, but I kept going.

I finished 5th in the ladies division. There weren't any divisions, really. I just made it up for me. I ran the whole thing. I will make the 15K in fall. And I will continue too see the chiropractor until I can get this knee thing under control. One of my trainer's was there (yes I have more than one), and she was amazed at the progress I had made over the summer. So, not too bad for a Sunday morning in Mundelein!

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