The Big Push

2013 is here. Another year of training and races has begun. I realized I have quite a lofty list of activities I have committed to or will commit to as soon as I can. It amazes me, because two years ago none of this was even a thought.

To date I have signed up for the following races:

Wisconsin 1/2 Marathon
Warrior Dash Mud Run
Run For Your Lives Zombie Run

What I am planning on doing but have yet to open my wallet:

Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle
Esprit de She Triathlon
Venus de Miles Bike Ride
Wauconda Triathlon
North Shore Turkey Trot
Santa Hustle

What I am on the fence about:

Chicago Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon
Hot Chocolate 15K
Memorial Day Bike Ride to Woodstock - 50 miles

I look at this list and think I must have lot my mind! But there is a team of people "pushing" me through all the road hazards.

Here is my pushing team:

Pilates class at Core Martial Arts
Training to Tri group at the Mundelein Park District
Personal Training by Justin Lindal
Winter run group at Golden Legs Running in Mundelein

To keep my from physically falling apart I have physical support:

My chiropractor Dr. Ryan
My acupuncturist Vel

And to keep my soul in tact, I have the following:

My wonderful husband Ken
My adorable son Yoshi
My supportive mom
My crazy friends

And when all else fails:

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I've gotten a lot of wonderful feedback about my journey over the past two years. And while I have done the physical part, as you can see, I could not have done it all by myself. We all push. Push ourselves. Push others. Push each other's buttons...

But I would rather be pushed forward than left behind.