Sportsmanship Trumps Winning

Races bring out the best and worst in people. I saw both today at the Diamond Dash 5K and kid's fun run.

First the good. Yoshi wasn't going to run in the kid's run, but once he saw all the kids lining up, he wanted to run. So, we got him in at the last second. He was about halfway through the course, when the daughter of his Kindergarten teacher stopped running and began crying. I think she realized how far away she was from mom. No one really noticed at first. All the kids kept running, except one. Yoshi stopped and consoled her until her mom came to get her. Yoshi didn't finish the race, but he won in my eyes! And he couldn't have cared less.

Then there was the bad. The course of the 5K was a semi out and back. There were some key turns, where if you missed them, you would run extra. Well, there were two spots that weren't marked well, and people ran the wrong way. I made it through OK, but others did not. One man was so mad about it that he chewed out the race chair the minute he crossed the finish line. I've had three races this year with confusing markings. I got lost in two of them. It happens. They were for fun. I wasn't qualifying for Kona or anything. Which is what made this man's reaction so ridiculous. It was a FUN run for cripe's sake! Apparently, the soon-to-be eight year old got it.