Do or do not. There is no Tri. Well, actually there was!

This is the year of doing. For some insane reason I decided to do a sprint Triathlon. A sprint Tri is usually 1/2 mile swim, 14 mike bike, and 5k run (give or take, depending on the venue). And actually, I know the reason, and her name is Tracy Trovato.

Ever since I started getting fit, Tracy has been this little, no scratch that, giant Macaw on my shoulder for me to start swimming. I guess misery loves company since Tracy never fully explained the glamour of swallowing copious amount of pool and lake water.

In the end she bugged me enough that I signed up for a Tri training class at the Mundelein park district. I figured I would take the class, learn some techniques, and then train on my own to do a Tri, that BTW, Tracy never signed up for, jerk! Something about a birthday and/or wedding anniversary.

What I did not expect was that I would meet a great group of people who each had an amazing story. These same people would carry me through the tough days when I swear I was crying more than swimming. They were the ones, just as scared as me when we lined up for the start at the Naperville SheRox Tri on June 10th. They were also the ones, along with my family, cheering me as I crossed the finish line. I like the group so much that I have been meeting with them every Monday since March, and I don't see an end in sight.

It's amazing what a little company can do to squash fears and lift spirits. I highly recommend joining a group of some sort to achieve your fitness goals. And then encourage (or caw) at you to make new ones. 2 years from now, I expect to be doing a half Ironman. Never would have thought that, sitting on my couch 2 years ago!


This house is clean!

Eleven days, 5 pounds, and 12" combined. My cleanse is done! I have a new appreciation for those who fast for assorted reasons. I was actually able to eat, and I struggled at times.

I feel energized. My senses are heightened. I can smell sound I think. Yet another goal to check off the never-ending list. It is amazing. Once you start achieving what you used to think was impossible, nothing seems impossible anymore. I expect the second half of this year to be full of personal surprises and successes.


A Little House Cleaning

So, as I get closer to my goal weight, I find it more difficult to achieve my goal. For a type A personality, this can be very frustrating. Every tweak makes modest improvements, but it is not crossing the finish line. For those who know me, you are aware I have lost almost 70 pounds, which is an achievement all its own. So why get caught on the last 15? I want to finish what I started.

Saturday we will have a garage sale to rid our house of clutter. It has been a process all week of gathering and purging. I have done the same to my body. On Monday I started an Isagenix 9 day cleanse. It can help boost weight loss, but it also de-clutters toxins from your body. I am on day four, and it has been a challenge, but I am pushing through. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I have already seen results. I have rid myself of 2 more pesky pounds to date, and have lost about a 1/2" from everywhere. I may be crawling uphill to the finish, but I will get there, with less baggage!